Are Wedding Fireworks Worth It?

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Are Wedding Fireworks Worth It?

Are Wedding Fireworks Worth It?

Are you planning your wedding and needing a way to inject a little bit of magic or glamour?  Can you not decide what that extra special touch should be to make your day amazing? It can be difficult to decide if wedding fireworks are a good or bad thing for weddings, and you do need to think of the pros and cons.

Many people ask are wedding fireworks worth it, and we think they are! Why not light up your night with a dazzling wedding firework display?

You do not have to have a huge budget to have fireworks as we cater for all budgets, large and small.  Having Fireworks at your wedding can add that extra bit of magic. Everyone remembers a great display on bonfire night don’t they?! Let that be the case on your wedding day too!

Our five reasons why fireworks are worth it at your wedding:

  1. Make your wedding day special with a spectacular display for your guests and partner to remember.
  2. Fireworks can be set to music so it means something more special and personal to you.
  3. They bring a feeling of glamour and magic to your event.
  4. Wow your guests.
  5. Light up the sky and end the night on a high.

Our packages start as little as £350 for our Emerald Wedding Fireworks package  at that sort of low price anyone can afford to have an amazing firework’s display at their wedding!

What is stopping you?

If you have a question or want to know more please feel free to contact us on 01536 390057 or email Tony on

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