Staying safe at your fireworks display

Staying safe at your fireworks display

Staying Safe At Your Fireworks Display

Fireworks are amazing, we of all people know this, but just like everything else, there are precautions and safety hazards that people need to look out for. After all, the last thing you want at your venue is a mistake as big as a firework through the window. To avoid such a catastrophe, here’s what to do in order to stay safe during your wedding fireworks display.

First things first, storing fireworks until the big day. Make sure they are kept dry and away from anything that could be lit on fire, such as a fireplace, when it becomes time to set the fireworks up, do it during the day so anyone setting the fireworks up can see clearly. However this most likely won’t be your concern.
Setting up a “Danger Zone”
As everyone who has went to a fireworks display knows, fireworks on the ground are not easy to see until they are lit on fire, and it doesn’t take a lot for an excited child, or even adult for that matter, to trip and fall on an unlit firework. Due to this, it is important that a “Danger zone” is established and no one goes into this zone, unless they are part of the group that run the show.

Kids are clumsy, it’s just a natural fact. So, since children are not only clumsy, but have a love for fireworks, keeping any children at the show safe should be a top priority for anyone with children near fireworks. Sparklers are a nice little accessory for fireworks, but children may not be aware of the safety hazards they bring. It is simple enough, in order to stay safe there are a few things for the children to keep in mind:

  • Keep the sparkler away from Faces, clothing, hair, and anything else flammable
  • Be sure to hold the sparkler by the handle
  • Place the sparkler in a safe place once it is burnt out (A water bucket will do)

As long as children are instructed properly on these rules it should all go to plan, but adult supervision is always recommended.

Apart from these three concerns, here are a few more things to keep in mind

 Keep fireworks legal (Some are too dangerous to be legal, play it safe and check)
 Read any instructions that come with the fireworks
 Never return to a firework once it is lit, it probably just takes longer than you expect
 Don’t throw them
 Don’t smoke or bring any naked flames near fireworks
 Direct all fireworks upwards and not anywhere towards spectators

And there you have it, our guide to staying safe when having your own fireworks display. Remember, all of our fireworks sold have a CE mark and are available for purchase from our website at

Have fun and stay safe!

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