What type of fireworks can I have at my wedding?

Wedding Fireworks

What type of fireworks can I have at my wedding?

What type of fireworks can I have at my wedding?

Everyone loves fireworks, and what better way to end your wedding night then with a bang, but what fireworks best suit your venue. There’s plenty of things to think about when you’re picking the fireworks for your big night, but here are few things to think about in the meantime.

Are they allowed?

First off, are fireworks allowed where your venue is located, each venue location has its own rules towards fireworks so it best to check with them before you carry on. Will they finish before the hours between 11PM and 7AM, this rule applies on every day of the year apart from bonfire night and New Year’s Eve. This topic is also talked about on our FAQ page so feel free to go there for more details.

Your chosen fireworks

As you can see on our Wedding fireworks packages page, each one offers its own creative display of lights and colours, some are of course bigger than others, and you will have to ask your venue if the larger ones are allowed, but other than that, it is all down to you and your budget.


Music is a great way to add that extra zing to your fireworks display, so isn’t it great that we can offer that to you. We can add any music of your choice to the display of your choice, just to make it as special for you on your day as possible.

Now that you’ve thought about some of the things needed in order to plan your fireworks, it’s time to get them sorted. There are multiple ways to contact us and this is all explained on our Contact us page, so why not get in touch with us and let us complete your night with the best wedding fireworks the UK has to offer.

What type of fireworks can I have at my wedding? well why not splash out with our best package Ultimate Diamond package and be gifted to your special day

If you have a question or want to know more please feel free to contact us on 01536 390057 or email Tony on tony@fireworksatmywedding.co.uk

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